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Recycling Bin Trailers

Recycling Made Easy and Profitable for Non-profits.
Ease of use, 100% mobility, and durability are exactly what you'll get with each and every trailer. Add to that, a fantastic way for nonprofit organizations to make money and you've got yourself a win - win situation.

Product Specifications:
- 6' x 9' Deck
- 5' high sides
- 2000# gross weight rating
- 2" ball coupler
- 13" tires & rims
- Available with signage and tarp for transporting cans
- (Black) Powder Coat Finish

We all know how important recycling is to our environment, and we also know that recycling some products can actually make you money. Metal Services Inc. has come up with a fantastic product that puts these two ideas together beautifully. Ease of use, attractive construction, and complete mobility are the main reasons more and more nonprofit organizations are using this trailer.

Ease of Use
What this trailer allows you to do is handle the cans one time only. No more pulling cans out of a stationary bin, loading them into a truck, only to handle them again when you get to the recycling center.

Attractive Construction
Although functionality is a major issue, these trailers are built extremely well. Each trailer also has a (black) Powder Coat finish that simply lasts longer than traditional methods of painting.

Complete Mobility
You no longer have to commit to one site as your recycling drop. With this trailer, you simply park it in the most strategic location for that particular nonprofit group and the rest will take care of itself.

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